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Formed in 2004 by a dedicated management team, Lexiconnect Limited has generated in excess of £5 billion of additional turnover as a result of client projects over the last 12+ years.

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This has generated significant wealth and return on investment for all stakeholders involved. Lexiconnect operates in joint partnership with the unique business models of each client with a view to create an investment project. Before any major project expenditure is sanctioned, we utilise a financial forecast system to determine project and investment viability. Typical returns experienced by our clients are:

  • Business model sales of Products related 10 to 1 ratio Return on Investment
  • Business model sales of Knowledge & Services related 20 to 1 ratio Return on Investment

Over the years our business model has been successfully implemented in over 300 businesses with each one now being a market leader in its field. Our formula is based on the implementation of Internet business strategy with specific ongoing actions, knowledge and consultancy in key areas.

This is implemented in areas where your business has no Internet strategy. Our clients are available to provide testimony about their experiences upon request. We can provide information and referrals if you contact us for more information. We use a specific model for contract undertaking, this includes:

  • Phase 1 - Diagnose
  • Phase 2 - Propose
  • Phase 3 - Action
  • Phase 4 - Review
  • Phase 5 - Monitor

The approach of Lexiconnect is to deploy a 12 month program as a standard with all clients and projects. This allows for the ongoing action plan to be measured against key performance indicators and a sensible project expenditure path. Our current portfolio includes both Large Enterprise (LE) and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) within the UK, EU and the USA. Contracts have been gained in both the Public and Private sectors across many sectors.



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